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Holistic Business & Mindset Coaching 

Customized and holistic programs for aspiring & established entrepreneurs

Learn to love your business (again) and run it in a more sustainable way based on

- your personality

- your goals

- your energy flow

in my free online course:

Anabela Godhino - Tech VA

"Christine is amazing. The sessions and events are very rich, well organized, and she does things with such good energy and inspiration that she always leads me to a better place. All the suggestions were very helpful. Thank you so much."

My Offers For You

Unlock Your Unique Path to
Business Freedom and Joy

I believe that your business should be an authentic extension of who you are. I'm not about one-size-fits-all strategies; I'm about embracing your individuality and doing business YOUR way.


With a blend of experience in virtual assistance, digital business management, and life coaching, I offer a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional business strategy.

🌟 What Sets Me Apart:
- Personalized Coaching: Say goodbye to cookie-cutter approaches. I customize strategies based on YOUR personality, goals, and energy flow.
-Holistic Well-being: I'm not just about business; I'm about supporting you on a physical, mental, and emotional level.
- Global Perspective: As a digital nomad who's worked with clients worldwide, I bring an international flair to my coaching & support you to live this dream as well (if that is what you desire ;) )

💡 My Approach:
- Human Design Expertise: Unleash the power of your unique design with my personalized coaching tailored to your Human Design.
- Energy Management: Work with your body, not against it. My approach helps you manage your energy and create a sustainable working model.
- Feminine & Masculine Balance: Discover the sweet spot between Doing and Being for a more fulfilling and aligned business - we do both in all of my programs.

🎯 Who I Serve:
- Beginners: Take your first steps, from idea to implementation with confidence and clarity.
- Established Service Providers: Overcome burnout, redefine & realign your business, and reignite that joy and freedom you initially started it for
- Somewhere In Between: Navigate uncertainty, launch new aligned programs, and achieve clarity.

✨ Your Transformation Awaits:
- Overcome overwhelm, self-doubt, and feeling trapped.
- Reconnect with the joy and freedom you envisioned.
- Create a business that aligns with your unique identity, goals and energy flow

Ready to embark on a journey where your business reflects the true YOU? 🌟 Book a FREE 30 Min Intro Conversation - I'm super happy to connect with you :)

Laura Werner, Coach

"Conversations that changed my business in seconds!"

What my clients say

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+43 660 4989348


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