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Holistic Business & Mindset Coaching 

For solopreneurs and companies

Learn what it means to create and run a business YOUR way based on

- your personality

- your goals

- your energy flow

in my free online course:

Step Into Your Next-Level Life & Business

Are you a solopreneur or scale up looking to prioritize your own (and your employee’s) well-being and personal development beyond the initial stages? Whether you're leading a growing team or building your business on your own, I'm here to support you.


I'm Christine Ofner, a holistic business and mindset coach. My tailored workshop/speaking/coaching packages empower scale-ups and solopreneurs alike to:


  • Boost natural productivity through energy management and tracking.

  • Become the CEO of your life, aligning personal and professional goals.

  • Align core values with your business values for increased energy, happiness, and an improved work culture.


Let me help you create a positive work environment, maintain your own well-being, and manage sustainable growth while staying efficient.


Elevate your business to the next level of mindset, productivity, and company culture with my holistic coaching.

Whether you have a growing team or you're flying solo, together we can unlock your full potential and achieve success on your terms. 

Want more info? Book a FREE 30 Min Intro Conversation - I'm super happy to connect with you :)

My Offers For You

What my clients say

Find more Testimonials HERE

and in-depth Case Studies HERE

Anabela Godhino - Tech VA

"Christine is amazing. The sessions and events are very rich, well organized, and she does things with such good energy and inspiration that she always leads me to a better place. All the suggestions were very helpful. Thank you so much."

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