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Matilda McConnell

Case Studies say more than 1000 words of my own ;D Matilda was part of my 'Doing Biz Your Way' Group Coaching Program. This is what she struggled with before we started working together (in her words):

"I just did not have any idea what I liked & wanted to do. I was also confused as to why my personality is always on the go & generally can’t sit still."

This is what happened during and after the 4 months we got to work together:

Matilda's Progress

Where she is now after 4 months of working together:

"The last 4 months have changed a lot for me. I’ve learned so much more about myself than I ever have. Christine has been the most amazing coach as she’s so real. I could always relate and feel comfortable sharing everything.


 I have really changed my perception as I got anxious not knowing what I was doing but with her coaching it has allowed me to feel at ease in knowing that I can do multiple jobs. Also the past 4 months I’ve realized what my passion is & to find jobs around those passions

So at the moment I really want to pursue my dream of traveling & working remotely & now I have figured out that I love to create content so I am going to reach out to brands & work with them. At the same time, my own brand is creating a portfolio for other travel content creators to then reach out to help them with work. I already landed one new client & 2 travel brand deals!"

More detailed questions:

What are your TOP 3 most valuable things you personally get out of the work with Chrisi?

Self confidence, self awareness, support

How would you describe the coaching experience in 3 words?

Insightful, mind changing, supportive

What are 3 main words that describe Christine?

Patient, open minded, inspirational

Anything else you would like to add?

This whole experience really changed everything for me. Thank you for telling me it’s okay to not be okay & normalizing our womanly cycle ❤️

Ready to reconnect
with your true self &
do business YOUR way?

then definitely look into the details of the group coaching program here:

or if you'd rather get 1:1 support you can read more about that here:

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