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About Chrisi

I started my first business as a Virtual Assistant when I was 22. Since then I tried out many different services such as Social Media Management, Podcast Management, Digital Business Management, etc. I saw the behind-the-scenes of many different businesses from solopreneurs over small to bigger remote teams and learned very quickly what it takes to run an online business.


With this experience and knowledge, I honestly thought I would make 6 figures in 6 months once I pivoted to business coaching. I was part of three different group coaching programs and after 6 months of hustling and implementing every single strategy I had to realize that none of it worked for me


It felt icky, unaligned and frustrating .. in short: awful. I didn’t start my business to feel this awful so I decided to start running my business my own way without looking left or right for advice. I looked deeper into who I truly am apart from rules and conditioning (including human design, astrology, enneagram, etc.), how I work best (with my body not against it) and what my overall mission and vision for my business is. Since then I have never fallen for any more of the ‘frameworks’ and ‘blueprints’ to success that other people try to sell, because I know there is no one size fits all. 


I am energetically aligned with what I am here to do and I am unapologetically doing business my own way based on my personality, vision and unique energy flow. I attract clients that resonate with exactly this and I have never felt happier and more grounded in my business. Now I am here to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

When I am not working, you will likely find me somewhere abroad, sitting in a cafe with an iced mocha in hand, pursuing another online course to broaden my skills, taking another personality test to learn more about myself or dancing awkwardly in public. I am also very into human design, spirituality, hosting crime dinners and acting :D

Christine Ofner Coaching
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