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Group Coaching

Doing Business Your Way 

based on your personality, goals and how you work best

4-month group coaching program that helps you run your business in a way that

is authentic to your personality, your goals and how you work best.

You are at the right place if you feel like you

  • have tried all the ‘6 figures to 6 months’ blueprints and proven frameworks and they seemed to work for everyone but you 

  • are annoyed as fuck by all the ‘must do’ and ‘should do’ pieces of advice from strangers on IG

  • have invested so much time, energy and money on courses already but so far you haven’t seen any results

I know EXACTLY where you are, I have been there too….. ​


How would it feel like for you to:

  • own who you are and express yourself authentically and boldly in your life and business

  • attract clients in an aligned, non-salesy way  instead of having to chase after them 

  • let go of all the strategies that feel inauthentic, unaligned, weird and icky and find your own way of running a business 

  • know your worth and value and stop forcing yourself to do things just to prove yourself
    or to 'make it work'

  • know how to work more efficiently in less time and set boundaries accordingly - working with your body not against it

  • be supported throughout the highs and lows of your emotions, workflow AND your business in general


In this group program container,

I am NOT promising you to

  • reach 6 figures in 6 months

  • attract 10 clients in 2 weeks

  • use a magic formular that will grow your audience to 10K 

  • or give you a copy-paste business strategy because it ‘worked for me’.

What I can tell you though is after working with me in this group container, you're likely to:

  • have found a way to run your business YOUR way and are using an aligned strategy based on your personality, goals and how you work best

  • not only have full clarity on who you are, what you are here to do but you are also EMBODYING IT!! (Because it is one thing to KNOW all of this and a whole other level to embody and implement this knowledge in your way)

  • Have found your authentic voice as a business owner

  • Work according to your energy and body instead of trying the latest productivity hack to be able to hustle as long as possible….

  • You feel grounded, supported, confident and free because you know you are here for a reason and you are ready to unapologetically share your wisdom

  • Have 100% self-trust and self-awareness - no need to look left and right for advice, you trust yourself and know you have all the answers within you

  • Have confidence in yourself, your skills and your vision

  • have found a ‘shortcut’ of doing business and changing from perfectionism to taking aligned and fast action instead of trying to overcomplicate and overengineer everything


Yet deep down, right now you might…

  • have realized that you have been following all of the strategies from other coaches/mentors but it was never your style and your way of doing things

  • seem to lack the words to express what you actually want to say when it's time to write content about your offers

  • hide your authentic self when showing up in your business because you feel like you might be too much or have nothing to say

  • feel the pressure to be more like other business owners in the field and constantly compare yourself to others in your industry

  • force things to happen in your business


  • not be consistent because deep down you know the strategies you are implementing are not aligned at all

  • frustrated with yourself when you can not do everything on your to-do list or when you are not 'high vibe'

  • try to prove your worth and value and thus, try to force yourself to do things that prove you can be more consistent, disciplined, etc….

  • feel frustrated and bitter because of all the money, time and nerves you invested without seeing any results

  • feel like giving up sometimes because you just feel so powerless after yet another strategy that did not work out?


Perhaps you’ve been trying different things in the past, you have been investing in online courses, group coaching programs, downloaded an endless amount of freebies, yet nothing has ever truly worked for you.  You are missing customized guidance and a tailored approach for your specific unique situation taking into account your personality, vision and energy flow.


You know you need a safe, grounding, warm-hearted space and customized guidance to get back to yourself and realign your business.

Laura felt exactly like you when she started the group program.

Check out Laura's Case Study and see how everything unfolded for her. 

In her video, she describes her experience before/during and after the group coaching program.

Reconnect with your true self and do things YOUR way

With this group program, I intend to create a safe, grounding and supportive place that allows you can express yourself authentically and where you get the necessary space and permission slip to just be you. 

Every month we will collect more and more puzzle pieces that will come together in the end for you to see the full picture about who you truly are, your vision, how you work best and how you can use all of this to re-align your business.

You will plant the seeds in the first two months which are all about who you truly are and what you are here to do (the BEING). Once you have grown these roots and feel grounded in yourself, I have you go through a well-designed process that will nurture, grow and empower you to do business in your own way. 


Just like a daisy growing through concrete, you will break through and get rid of all the rules and conditioning that do not longer serve you.


No matter the external circumstances you will be rooted in yourself, embracing your uniqueness, building your own solid ground to go through the most awarding transformation until you have reached the goal: doing business YOUR way.

You will be part of an amazing, loving, and caring community that will support you in every way and will celebrate your uniqueness and individual journey with you. 

In this container, you won’t be a number. I don’t believe in the one size fits all approach in coaching where you ‘just ask inspiring open-ended questions’. Humans are more complex than that. Based on your Human Design, personality test results etc… I will customize my coaching based on what YOU need. I'll show you how in THIS SECTION.

Who is this group coaching program for?

This is for you if:

  • You are a service-based business owner who is done with all the ‘shoulds’, ‘must do’s’ and rules of the online world

  • You already have an idea of how to run an online business, you just haven’t found a way that feels authentic and aligned

  • ready to get to know yourself on a deeper level and willing to put in the work to master self-trust

  • ready to find your authentic voice in your business

  • ready to re-align your business so it is authentic to your personality, goals and how you work best

  • ready to do things YOUR WAY

Tereza - Picture 19.04.2021.jpg

Tereza Marreiros

Virtual Assistant

Chrisi has a great way of making you feel at ease in any session. I have had a 1:1 session and attended one of her workshops and the standard is super high and consistent throughout. She really knows the right questions to ask to push you to dig deeper. She gets you to find ways to take action on your goals and greater life vision right away. I always come away from a session with Chrisi feeling inspired and motivated to step into my next level self.


Alexandra Oliver


I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Chrisi and was surprised at how much of a difference even one session can make! As someone who has had a lot of therapy previously I was unsure about whether I would get anything new out of the session but boy was I wrong! Chrisi instantly made me feel safe, comfortable and at ease and helped me realise things that were holding me back in a way that made me feel empowered and in control.

What other people say


In this 4-month group coaching program, you’ll get:

1) Next Level Business Coaching

  • 12 group coaching calls per month: interactive workshop style - 1.5 hours each (on Zoom)

  • 3 1:1 calls with me to go even deeper

  • Slack access Mon - Fr for any questions/support/guidance/coaching

  • Weekly accountability and progress check through Slack

  • 1 Intensive Planning Day at the end of the program to plan out your next steps and to implement your created strategy

  • Lifetime access to all the digital assets

  • Upcoming: Video library of the content discussed in the calls

  • Customized Coaching based on your Human Design

2) We will cover the following areas:

  • Month 1: Who you are apart from conditioning, society and rules; showing up as your authentic self

  • Month 2: What are you here to do? (your unique direction, + auditing your current situation)

  • Month 3: Running biz your own way (finding and experimenting with strategies that fit you and your life)

  • Month 4: Working smarter not harder, how YOU work best (your unique energy flows, mindset, etc.)

3) Tools I will introduce you to:

  • Human Design

  • Astrology

  • Personality tests like the Enneagram etc.

  • Energy tracking

  • Cycle syncing

  • Moon phases

  • Vision vs Goal

  • Experimental Mindset

  • Aligned Financial Planning

  • etc.

1 (2).png

Sabine Sorendo

IG Growth Mentor

Chrisi really ensured that I'm heard and asked the right questions at the right time. She tied the answers together like a wizard and even made me cry (with a good feeling in the gut) in the middle of the session! She's a great listener and always makes sure the conversation is about you. Couldn't wait until the end of the session! Not because it was awful but because I felt so inspired and with so much clarity that I just wanted to jump straight into taking those actionable steps we talked about. I felt like there's a clear path and I'm more confident in my offers and target audience's pain points.

165594328_117435137083990_8190867794908535529_n (4).png

Ioana Bacanu


I loved Christine's capacity to mirror and hold space for me to find my a-ha moment, my clarity, and my action plan. It is not often that I get someone to mirror back so skillfully what I need to see to move forward. It has honestly been so refreshing. I now know what my priorities are and what step I need to take next. I now have more clarity and more enthusiasm about my work. I know that I have what it takes to push through these obstacles, that they are temporary, and that everything I ever wanted is on the other side of these roadblocks.

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Duration: 4 months

Starting Point: April (Date to be announced; Dm me for details)


In full: 2000€

Monthly: 500€/month for 4 months 

Or: 336€/month for 6 months

What I can offer you as a coach

I have done all of this work myself so I know the gifts and talents that I bring to the table to guide you through your transformation. I am a Projector - so I am literally here to SEE you as you truly are and guide you in the right direction. Based on my human design chart, gene keys and birth chart, I know  I can offer you the following gifts throughout our coaching experience:

1) Orientation:  I have a built-in compass that I use for myself and others (that invite me to do so) that guides me towards a certain direction and helps me to support and guide others to point them in their right direction.

2) Guidance: I have this gift to see and guide you. I actively listen and ask the right questions for you to find the answers within yourself. You do not need someone to tell you all the answers (despite how much you want that approach to work ;D), you need someone that asks you the right set of questions. <3

3) Discernment: In Human Design this Gate 13 - The Gate of the listener, but this is also about spending time alone and in nature to create space for me and you to be able to discern what is important and what is not. I will remind you to create this space and quietness for yourself because this is where you’ll be able to create breakthroughs.

4) Freshness: I help you accept your creative process - meaning the highs and lows in life and business and guide you on how you can start and stay ‘fresh’. If something doesn’t work we change the plan/approach NOT the goal. I will help you to come up with new perspectives, new ideas, a new approach of doing things. ;)


My Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx (2/1 | 13/7): So in combination with my Virgo ascendant my mission in life and business is all about being of service and showing people all the different possibilities of how you can live a beautiful life and run a business in an authentic way.

How I prepare to coach you

How to decide if this is for you

I am not here to convince you. I can tell you who I am, what I am here to do and what I have to offer you. But you are the only one who can feel if this is something that you feel attracted to. 

If you are into Human Design, definitely use your decision-making authority to make this decision for yourself. Listen to your gut if you are sacral authority, give yourself some days to sit on this decision and go through the emotional ‘hell yes’ and the ‘maybe not’ phase as an emotional authority (if you know what i mean - I am one haha), what does your intuition say as a splenic authority, etc.?


If you are not familiar with Human Design, do you feel the pull towards this program? Do you feel excited and nervous at the same time? Then it’s definitely a yes :D 

No matter what, take your time to make an aligned decision that feels good for you!


If you need some help and guidance feel free to

1) book a free call with me to discuss all the options and for me to guide you through your concerns


2) take some time to feel the energy of this program to see if what I do is what you need right now. That is why I created a free minicourse about the concepts of doing business your way. You can sign up for it here


'This sounds great but honestly, I don't know if I can afford this!'

I want to make this program as accessible as possible for you. That is why I am offering a 4-month and a 6-month payment plan. I am also very open to talking about a customized payment plan with you (such as a 12-month payment plan or whatever works for you). You can schedule a call with me HERE to talk about all the options.

What is the commitment required for the group program?

The required commitment is that you show up and do the work. :) We can create the perfect strategies and plans for you but if you are not taking action you will not reap the benefits and create the results. This means: The more committed you are, and mostly the more willing you are to take action and implement what we come up in the session, the more epic results you'll create for yourself. You'll need to set aside 1-3 hours for the exercises and homework. :)

'I am afraid that even after this program, I'll be exactly where I am now' - Are there any guaranteed results?

While there is no guarantee doing this program will help you achieve what you desire in your business, what I can do is give you a variety of different tools you need to realign your business YOUR way, a safe space to express your feelings/concerns/challenges, and customized guidance, coaching and support towards connecting with your true self and aligning your business to your personality, goals and how you work best.



Julia Nenova

Virtual Assistant

We set very clear deadlines for some important tasks I wanted to accomplish and worked on my mental blocks so I can actually sit and do the work. Since our coaching session, I have had a much better structured day, I follow better my schedule and I am very happy with my results. I absolutely recommend Christine to anybody who has some sort of struggle with their business or if you just want to put more clarity on your "why".

Image from iOS (5) (1).jpg

Marica Bazzanella

Brand & Web Designer

Chrissi is such a gem, I love her approach and enthusiasm! What she talks about and how she explains it makes the whole process so much enjoyable and tangible. After a workshop with her, I feel more motivated in pursuing my goals and I feel like I have more clarity on what my next steps will be. And this is just after 1 workshop! So, to anyone who is still in doubt if signing up to one of her programs or not: do it, you will not regret it!

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About Chrisi


I started my first business as a Virtual Assistant when I was 22. Since then I tried out many different services such as Social Media Management, Podcast Management, Digital Business Management, etc. I saw the behind-the-scenes of many different businesses from solopreneurs over small to bigger remote teams and learned very quickly what it takes to run an online business.


With this experience and knowledge, I honestly thought I would make 6 figures in 6 months once I pivoted to business coaching. I was part of three different group coaching programs and after 6 months of hustling and implementing every single strategy I had to realize that none of it worked for me. 


It felt icky, unaligned and frustrating .. in short: awful. I didn’t start my business to feel this awful so I decided to start running my business my own way without looking left or right for advice.


I looked deeper into who I truly am apart from rules and conditioning (including human design, astrology, enneagram, etc.), how I work best (with my body not against it) and what my overall mission and vision for my business is.


Since then I have never fallen for any more of the ‘frameworks’ and ‘blueprints’ to success that other people try to sell, because I know there is no one size fits all. 


I am energetically aligned with what I am here to do and I am unapologetically doing business my own way based on my personality, vision and unique energy flow. I attract clients that resonate with exactly this and I have never felt happier and more grounded in my business. Now I am here to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

if you still have any questions feel free to book a call with me <3

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