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Laura Werner

Case Studies say more than 1000 words of my own ;D Laura was part of my 'Doing Biz Your Way' Group Coaching Program. This is what she struggled with before we started working together (in her words):

"I had no plan, no offer suite defined, I was frustrated and lost and I had been away from my business for a couple of months because I just didn't know how to make it in a way that wasn't frustrating. Back then I also still had another job and I felt really lost in my journey."

This is what happened during and after the 4 months we got to work together:

Laura's Progress

Where she is now after 4 months of working together:

I now have so much knowledge about myself and how I help people in my unique way. I know my energy and how to flow through biz & life and how to inspire my clients to do the same. I have much more confidence, trust, courage and inspiration. I feel abundant and aligned and I know I can do anything that I want - and will succeed, in my unique way. I have defined my offers, found a new niche and rebranded. I have made my dream come reality and I continue to do so every day. I have found a network of women that is beyond supportive and loving and I feel so seen and heard. <3

I feel so empowered and proud, it honestly has been so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I feel ready to tackle everything that comes up in my business and to create a soul-aligned business

Tangible Results:

During this period I have signed a new client as well as pre-signed one for 2023. I have defined 3 diverse offers - one of which I thought will be a project I'm starting in 5-10 years. I have created a specific money spreadsheet to look back at 2022 and plan ahead for 2023. I have rebranded and found a new niche that is more aligned. I have given myself a million permission slips to do whatever the f I want. I have learned my Human Design and how to implement it in my business. I have started using my authentic voice in my content and gained 70 new followers since then (I actually looked that up haha). I have gained 3 new collaboration projects, one of them a Notion template and being hosted on 2 podcasts.

And so much more.

Every expectation was surpassed by FAR. I expected to learn about doing business my way and I went on an unexpected journey to myself and my core and how to embody this in every aspect of my life, not only business.

More detailed questions:

What are your TOP 3 most valuable things you personally get out of the work with Chrisi?

- Being seen and heard for who I truly am.
- Being supported in a way that is very rare in the coaching industry.
- Conversations that literally changed my business in a second.

How would you describe the coaching experience in 3 words?


What are 3 main words that describe Christine?


Anything else you would like to add?

Chrisi is on a mission that will change the coaching industry. She is so keen to create deep connections and really takes her time with every single participant. Her coaching is very direct, honest and she is not afraid to call you out or give you some tough love, but she is always compassionate and supportive, no matter what. She is by your side every step on the way and she makes sure that YOU are elevating into the direction you desire.

Ready to reconnect
with your true self &
do business YOUR way?

then definitely look into the details of the group coaching program here:

or if you'd rather get 1:1 support you can read more about that here:

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