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Judit Saez

Case Studies say more than 1000 words of my own ;D Judit was part of my 'Doing Biz Your Way' Group Coaching Program. This is what she struggled with before we started working together (in her words):

"Lack of clear direction in my professional path to reach the next level, feeling that I was missing out on some things I wanted to explore/go back to, and at the same time struggling with setting boundaries around my projects at that time, so I could go after new ones."

This is what happened during and after the 4 months we got to work together:

Judit's Progress

Where she is now after 4 months of working together:

At the same time that I was progressively feeling more connected to myself, to my intuition, and living my values, the last month my work and life projects collapsed. Despite the instability that this means, the work and progress I made in self-awareness have allowed me to navigate this big life transformation with calmness, confidence, and hope. I trust that everything is going to be alright and now all my being is asking me to pause and take a professional break, so I can recharge my energy and, thanks to knowing better who I am and what my purpose is, I'll be able to rebuild using all the tools that I have. During this time I've also learned to set better boundaries and have had more assertive conversations to be able to show up at work as my most authentic self.

I wasn't expecting that my intention of having more clarity and direction would end up with me taking a sabbatical haha. But as mentioned, I'm much more connected to myself now in a very organic and authentic way, I have tons of confidence (even though the situation is difficult) and I'm sure about my purpose

More detailed questions:

What are your TOP 3 most valuable things you personally get out of the work with Chrisi?

More self-awareness, better boundaries, validation of my intuition

How would you describe the coaching experience in 3 words?

Transformative, challenging, authentic

What are 3 main words that describe Christine?

Refreshing, innovative, committed

Anything else you would like to add?

Chrisi is transforming the world one person at a time. She went beyond expectations! With the level of passion and dedication that Chrisi has, combined with her true belief that the journey is unique to each person, in this program you'll find yourself exploring many new layers within you to really understand and build your most aligned business path.

Ready to reconnect
with your true self &
do business YOUR way?

then definitely look into the details of the group coaching program here:

or if you'd rather get 1:1 support you can read more about that here:

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