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Greta Webhofer

Case Studies say more than 1000 words of my own ;D Greta was part of my 'Doing Biz Your Way' Group Coaching Program. This is what she struggled with before we started working together (in her words):

"I wanted to get over my "writers block", but not with writing, but with content creation, especially video format. Every time I would put on the camera, it was like I did not have any words in my brain anymore.
I also worked with coaches before that where really not aligned with me, and I wanted to learn how to do things my way, instead of strategies that just felt wrong."

This is what happened during and after the 4 months we got to work together:

Greta's Progress

Where she is now after 4 months of working together:

I feel like the past four months created the pathway on my future and the future of my business. They taught me that going my authentic path will actually get me to my goals fastest, and the more I listen to this inner knowing, the more I will feel all those blessings in my life.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this whole experience, all the learnings and amazing people on my side.

I feel like the name of the program is 100% what it is about. Doing business your way.
My expectations have been exceeded, I don't think you realise how much you have been influenced by all those "should's" and "must's" until you do this. And then stepping into your own power, your own knowledge.
Sometimes you already know something, but only after having this Aha-moment you really KNOW (and actually implement that mindset into your life). This is how doing business your way was for me.

Tangible Results in her own words:

Here are the different areas where I felt the biggest impact:

- Energy tracking: Since starting the group program I tracked my energy every day, and this was such a transformative experience. Finally I was able to understand my body so much better, and how important it is to be in sync with my cycle. It was so interesting to see the recurring themes, which then helped me to take action accordingly

- Getting to know myself better: I think already before the coaching I had a really good sense of who I am, but only through this experience I learned to fully embrace my strengths, and no longer hold on to what wasn't serving me

- Creating silence: This was a hard one to learn. Whenever you are unsure about something, instead of getting into the mode of I "need" to find a solution, stop, create silence, and then the answer will find you

- Doing only what feels right (marketing): I realised that I want to focus on my podcast, because that gives me so much energy. It was so beautiful to see that now people where messaging me, telling me how much I helped them

More detailed questions:

What are your TOP 3 most valuable things you personally get out of the work with Chrisi?

- Creating time of silence
- Living according to my energy
- Taking only aligned, authentic steps

How would you describe the coaching experience in 3 words?

supportive, aligned, personalised

What are 3 main words that describe Christine?

inspiring, kick-ass, passionate

Anything else you would like to add?

Do it. Take the step.
Chrisi changed how I see my business, how I show up and how I feel. This experience will change your life, if you show up and are ready for that change. It is so beautiful when you finally learn how to fully embrace yourself, and see how the whole world then changes around you.

Ready to reconnect
with your true self &
do business YOUR way?

then definitely look into the details of the group coaching program here:

or if you'd rather get 1:1 support you can read more about that here:

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