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1:1 Coaching

Your Personalized 1:1 Journey

Welcome to a coaching experience as unique as you are. I offer tailored 1:1 coaching that aligns with your individual journey, goals, and learning style.


Whether you’re navigating the complexities of life, building a thriving business, or dealing with stress and burnout, I’m here to guide you with a customized approach that fits your needs right now.

Life Coaching
  • Figure out your life vision and purpose

  • Work on self trust & confidence

  • Discover who you truly are

  • Discover your strengths, talents & passions

  • Design your dream life in all areas

  • Create your work/life balance

  • Build emotional resilience to handle life's ups & downs

  • and more

Business Coaching
  • Start a new business

  • Realign your offers, business model, pricing and marketing so it is sustainable and authentic 

  • Create or redesign your business based on your values, lifestyle and energy

  • Show up authentically

  • and more

Burn Out & Stress
  • Stress Management: identify sources and develop coping mechanisms

  • Work on a subconscious level to reframe limiting beliefs and redefine productivity for you

  • Burn Out Prevention: manage your energy and time in a sustainable way

  • Set new boundaries

  • Self Care: how to take care of yourself, especially in stressful times

  • Creating a sustainable balance

Customized and Individualized Approach: 

Think of this list like a "build your own burger" menu at a restaurant. We won’t dive into every single topic listed here. Instead, we’ll tailor our focus to what’s crucial for you right now.


Imagine picking the perfect ingredients to create your unique burger—we’ll do the same with our sessions, honing in on the areas that matter most to your current journey.

And just like in a restaurant where you might discover a new favorite ingredient by surprise, new topics might emerge naturally as we go along. Trust that the right topics will come up throughout our journey together, guided by your needs and goals. We will embrace these as they come, staying flexible and responsive to your evolving path. This journey is all about you, and together we’ll create a plan that’s as unique and dynamic as you are. 🌟

What Learning Type Are You?

It is proven that everybody learns and absorbs information in a different way. That is why I want to offer you different 'structures' of the program so you can pick the one that fits the best with your lifestyle and learning style:

Stay Flexible

With this offer you book a package of 4 sessions + 1 Onboarding Call + 1 Reflection Call at the end. 

You can schedule the sessions whenever you need them. There is no timeframe or certain date attached to it. 

Throughout the journey you will also have Voxer access to me inbetween the sessions.

Stay Structured

With this package you can choose between one monthly call or bi-weekly calls for 4 months (Timeline can be adapted and depends on your individual case and goals).


We will have the sessions on the same day, same time so you know exactly when we will have our sessions.

Throughout our journey together, you will have Voxer access to me for any further coaching, questions, accountability you need.

Ready To Start?

Book a discovery call with me today to create your personalized strategy plan. During our call, we’ll:

  • Explore your goals and challenges to identify the topics that need to be addressed.

  • Discuss your learning style and determine whether a flexible or structured coaching approach suits you best.

  • Craft a tailored roadmap that guides you to success in a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy way.

  • You do not have to say yes or no on the call, you get as much time as you need to make an aligned decision

Your journey to a balanced, fulfilling life and business begins here. 🌟

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