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VIP Clarity Intensive

from lack of direction to complete clarity & an action plan


​For the service-based entrepreneur who is:

  • super stuck and does not know how to get out of it

  • overwhelmed with all the options and can't move forward

  • lacking clarity & direction

  • lacking the action plan needed to move forward

  • not feeling confident enough to move forward

  • certain that she is holding herself back and wants to change that asap!


My dear incredible Boss Babe,

how would you like to:

  • Have complete clarity on your direction and your next steps

  • Have confidence in you, your abilities and your vision

  • Have an action plan to follow for the upcoming months

Tereza - Picture 19.04.2021.jpg

Tereza Marreiros

Virtual Assistant

Chrisi has a great way of making you feel at ease in any session. I have had a 1:1 session and attended one of her workshops and the standard is super high and consistent throughout. She really knows the right questions to ask to push you to dig deeper. She gets you to find ways to take action on your goals and greater life vision right away. I always come away from a session with Chrisi feeling inspired and motivated to step into my next level self.


Alexandra Oliver


I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Chrisi and was surprised at how much of a difference even one session can make! As someone who has had a lot of therapy previously I was unsure about whether I would get anything new out of the session but boy was I wrong! Chrisi instantly made me feel safe, comfortable and at ease and helped me realise things that were holding me back in a way that made me feel empowered and in control.

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In an VIP Clarity Intensive you'll get:

1) Next Level Business Coaching + Mentoring

  • 3 hours intensive 1:1 with me

  • 2 weeks Voxer access Mon - Fr

  • Customized exercises, journaling prompts etc.


2) We will cover the following areas based on your needs:

  • Your unique direction

  • Audit of your current situation

  • Uncovering and reprogramming any mindset block that is holding you back

  • Creation of detailed action plan

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Sabine Sorendo

IG Growth Mentor

Chrisi really ensured that I'm heard and asked the right questions at the right time. She tied the answers together like a wizard and even made me cry (with a good feeling in the gut) in the middle of the session! She's a great listener and always makes sure the conversation is about you. Couldn't wait until the end of the session! Not because it was awful but because I felt so inspired and with so much clarity that I just wanted to jump straight into taking those actionable steps we talked about. I felt like there's a clear path and I'm more confident in my offers and target audience's pain points.

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Ioana Bacanu


I loved Christine's capacity to mirror and hold space for me to find my a-ha moment, my clarity, and my action plan. It is not often that I get someone to mirror back so skillfully what I need to see to move forward. It has honestly been so refreshing. I now know what my priorities are and what step I need to take next. I now have more clarity and more enthusiasm about my work. I know that I have what it takes to push through these obstacles, that they are temporary, and that everything I ever wanted is on the other side of these roadblocks.

What other people say


About Chrisi

Chrisi has started her first business at the age of 22. She started out as Virtual Assistant helping her clients with social media management, customer support and general assistant tasks.


She owns about 300 online courses (no kidding) and she learned different skills that she applied for and with different clients (from solopreneur to small and bigger remote teams) in the following areas: Podcast Management, Copywriting, Digital Team Management, Project Management, Systems- and Ops Management, Branding, etc.) Even though she had a sustainable income and had gained the flexibility, freedom and location independence she was craving for, she didn’t feel fulfilled at all no matter what she tried.


So she finally looked at her vision board again and her long lasting dream of becoming a coach. She took some time to reframe all the limiting beliefs she had around this idea, kicked her ass and made it happen. All the gained biz experience + her own experiences have helped her understand that there is truly no 'one size fits all'. Now she helps other female entrepreneurs to do the same and create businesses they enjoy in their own way.

When she is not working on providing her audience with value, you will likely find her somewhere abroad, sitting in a cafe with an
iced mocha in hand, pursuing another online course to broaden her
skills, taking another personality test to learn more about herself or

dancing awkwardly in public.

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