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Human Design Reading

reconnect with your authentic self in life & business

For everyone who is interested in Human Design and want to dive deeper into their chart. :)

In this 1.5 hour Foundational Reading, we will go over:

  • your energy type

  • your strategy

  • your authority

  • your profile

  • your main gates (talents & gifts)

  • your incarnation cross

and how you can implement all of this and experiment with it

Price: 150€

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT certified by the official Human Design Schools. Everything I know has been self-taught in the last 1.5 years with books, courses by Randi Lee, Phoebe Kuhn etc, podcasts, free minireadings for others, and implementing and experimenting with the info in my own life & business.


I also use Human Design when I coach people to prepare & customize my coaching to every client. If that is not enough proof - I totally get it, there are lots of people who are certified readers I'm happy to send you some links. However, if you still wanna do this with me you can book your reading below. :)


You can pay for the reading here:


In an Human Design Reading

you'll get:

  • 1.5 hours 1:1 foundational reading

  • Recording of the reading

  • Follow up emails for any questions afterward

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About Chrisi


I started my first business as a Virtual Assistant when I was 22. Since then I tried out many different services such as Social Media Management, Podcast Management, Digital Business Management, etc. I saw the behind-the-scenes of many different businesses from solopreneurs over small to bigger remote teams and learned very quickly what it takes to run an online business.


With this experience and knowledge I honestly thought I would make 6 figures in 6 months once I pivoted to business coaching. I was part of three different group coaching programs and after 6 months of hustling and implementing every single strategy I had to realize that none of it worked for me. 


It felt icky, unaligned and frustrating .. in short: awful. I didn’t start my business to feel this awful so I decided to start running my business my own way without looking left or right for advice. I looked deeper into who I truly am apart from rules and conditioning (including human design, astrology, enneagram, etc.), how I work best (with my body not against it) and what my overall mission and vision for my business is. Since then I have never fallen for any more of the ‘frameworks’ and ‘blueprints’ to success that other people try to sell, because I know there is no one size fits all. 


I am energetically aligned with what I am here to do and I am unapologetically doing business my own way based on my personality, vision and unique energy flow. I attract clients that resonate with exactly this and I have never felt happier and more grounded in my business. Now I am here to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

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