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I'm a sucker for all things growth and development :D I have always tried to keep improving myself in every area of my life but there is only so much Yoga, and so much mindset work you can just became overwhelming at some point. All the things I had to keep up with....and oh boy....all the money, time and nerves I spent on my health, my self-development, mindset work, etc. 

One day my mentor, Alix Rufas, introduced the Healy to me,  which is a frequency device that scans your aura/chakras, energetic field and frequency. Based on that it then suggests tailored frequency programs that you can send into your body based on your energetic status of the moment and ideal wanted state. AND I WAS IMMEDIATELY HOOKED I mean - whaaaaat???

So I bought it in January 2022 and I have to say: this is one of the best investments I have EVER made! This allows me to get complete awareness of what's going on in my mental/spiritual/physical body because everything is interconnected! And I can send tailored frequencies to myself so I can work on my mental and physical health from within which amplifies everything. The best part is, as a coach, I can also use it with my clients to amplify their results!

This is future technology and I am convinced that this is gonna be mainstream at some point just as the apple watches that count your steps ;D Until then, I committed myself to spreading the word because this device is truly life-changing. If you want to know more about my personal experience with it, let me know and we can set up a call. Super happy to chat with you about this. <3



  • The science behind the Healy
    Here’s a video call recording with one of Healy’s German founders Marcus Schmieke explaining the science behind this device:

  • 30-min Healy Masterclass
    This intro Masterclass to Healy is made by 7-figure Bali-based ex-engineer Thomas Carrière.

  • 7-figure Bali-based healers and coaches using the device for themselves and in their coaching business.
    In this Zoom call recording, Emile Steenveld together with two other 7-figure Bali-based coaches, share their experience of how they’ve been working with the device for themselves and their clients in the past 1-2 years.

I would truly recommend joining these groups if you wanna learn more about the Healy!! If you go to 'guides' you will find lots of valuable replays of trainings & calls about holistic health, how to use the healy, how to coach using the healy etc.... Also, you'll get access to all the calls that are happening - you are very welcome to join those! <3 They do calls for every timezone, there are free mentoring, trainings, prospect calls sharing testimonials etc - it is insanely cool :)

Here is one example: It is about Beauty Biohacking:



  • STEP 1: Go to the corresponding Healy Shop.

    Click on the part of the world the Healy should be shipped to.


    Note: Shops for Mexico and Canada are opening soon.

    When asked in the shop “Is this my referrer”, click YES.


  • STEP 2: Choose your Healy Model: Go to 'Product' - Healy for Holistic Health 

I recommend you get the Healy Resonance Edition (€ 1.511,29 incl. VAT) with the Healy Coil V1 (€ 223,85 incl. VAT). 

Any edition below the Resonance edition in my opinion doesn’t offer enough programs for a deep experience. The Resonance edition comes with enough programs for a full year of use at least and it is the model that includes the resonance and aura/chakra scans. :)

The Coil allows you to wear the device on your clothes and run programs throughout the day without having to place cabled electrodes on your wrists every time.

  • STEP 3: Checkout

If you want to automatically get an affiliate link you can share with others if you want in the future (i.e. your clients), you mark “member” upon checkout. Requesting this link later generally takes a little longer.

Pro tip: if you own a business and have a VAT number, you can include it on checkout and you’ll get an additional discount when the VAT is removed. If you’re a business owner, you can keep the invoice for your accounting and declare it as a business expense.

Once ordered, your Healy should arrive in about 48h (it is a Germany-based company).

  • STEP 4: Join the community and get started

Join the introduction course for free (created by my mentor Alix Rufas) that tells you exactly how to get started: Sign me Up

If you want to you can join this WhatsApp group to get updates, links for calls, ask questions, connect with others: WhatsApp Group

If you have any questions about the Healy or would like to hear my experience with it, I'm happy to hop on a call with you! :) You can schedule it HERE

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