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Christine Ofner

Does this sound familiar?

"It will be quieter after the project!" - But it never got quiet.

In organizations that are strongly driven by their mission, I've found that as the business grows and activity increases, you rarely feel allowed, or even guilty, to take a break. Mental and physical health is neglected.

As the team grows, it becomes difficult to stay on top of things and ensure efficiency, results and employee well-being.

The old working models still limit us in terms of how we work and how we define productivity, efficiency and success.

Are you ready to take a different path and take care of yourself and your employees early on? Would you like to break out of the stressful endless loop and take your thinking, productivity and corporate culture to a new level?

How I can help you

Are you a start up, scale-up or company with 5 to 50 employees who prioritize employee well-being and personal development beyond the initial stages? If you're struggling to break free from constant busyness and feeling overwhelmed by a growing workload - I’m your person.


I am Christine Ofner - a holistic business & mindset coach. My tailored packages empower scale-ups to:


  • Boost natural productivity through energy management and tracking.

  • Become the CEO of their lives, aligning personal and professional goals.

  • Align core values with the company's values for increased energy, happiness & an improved team culture.


Let me help you create a positive work culture, maintain skilled employees, and manage sustainable growth while staying efficient. Elevate your scale-up to your next level mindset, productivity and company culture with my holistic business and mindset coaching.


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