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1:1 Coaching

Break out of online business norms and do business your own way

  • Are you done with all the ‘6 figures to 6 months’ blueprints and proven frameworks that seem to work for everyone but you?

  • Are you annoyed by all the ‘must do’ pieces of advice from strangers on IG?

  • Are you frustrated by all the mentors/coaches/other biz owners ‘shoulding’ all over you? (you should engage, you should post consistently….mimimi)

  • Are you triggered by all the biz owners stating business gets to be ‘fun & easy’.....but no one has ever told you how?)


Running my business like someone else made me feel frustrated, bitter and annoyed - and that is NOT why I started my business!

So I decided to ditch all of the ‘Must dos’ and ‘shoulds’ and run business my way and I want to help you do the same! 


What does it even mean to do biz your way?

  1. You 100% trust in yourself (knowing who you are and what you are here to do)

  2. You know your unique direction and vision (what is your overall goal?)

  3. You know how you work best (your unique energy flow and blueprint of how you are designed to work)

  4. You know the biz strategies that fit your personal plan of 1) – 3)


My dear incredible Boss Babe,

how would you like to:

  • Run a business that you are truly passionate about

  • Feel energized, empowered and excited to work on your business

  • Attract your dream ideal clients through your own unique marketing strategy instead of using a cookie-cutter approach

  • Feel confident in your abilities and yourself as the kickass CEO that you are

  • Have complete clarity on your next level business direction & the determination and willpower to take powerful actions to make it happen

  • Step into your next level bold, unapologetic, courageous Boss Babe Self

  • Have overcome all the mindset blocks and bullshit you have been telling yourself for so long

  • Have the self-trust, confidence, and personalized strategies to run your business your way without having to look externally for random 'blueprints' and 'step by step' programs that don't work for you


After working with me 1:1,

you're likely to:

  • Have 100% self-trust and self-awareness - no need to look left and right for advice, you trust yourself and know you have all the answers within you

  • Have confidence in yourself, your skills and your vision

  • Have full clarity on who you are, what you are here to do and the action steps needed to run your business your own way

  • Have found a simple and fun way of doing business your way 

  • Work according to your energy and body instead of trying the latest productivity hack to be able to hustle as long as possible….

  • Call out mindset blocks immediately when they try to block you from moving forward and be able to reframe them to a supportive belief to get into the DOING

  • Feel mega-confident, unstoppable and unapologetic: Your success is inevitable

  • Have complete clarity on what your bigger and better next level life and business vision looks like for you and the steps you need to take to become that unapologetic and bold Boss Babe self


Yet deep down, right now you might…

  • Be following all the different 'shoulds' and 'must dos' from other coaches, mentors and strangers on IG who actually do not know you and how you work best...

  • Hear this inner voice whispering to you about what could be possible for you, but you question whether you are capable of doing this bigger and better thing

  • Feel intimidated by all of these other business owners who seem to have it all together and seem to be sooooo successful

  • Be holding yourself back by overthinking, overanalyzing and -strategizing everything whilst never actually taking any powerful action

  • Have started this business for location independence, freedom and flexibility, yet you realized that this alone doesn’t make you happy because - if you're honest - you actually do not really enjoy how you run it

  • Have been thinking for A WHILE now what to do differently, but all by yourself you feel you’re going in circles so you haven’t been moving forward at all for weeks/months

  • Be afraid that if you don’t do something about it now, you might regret it later in time.

  • Think that this one 'framework or blueprint to make big bucks in no time' from this other coach could be THE solution


Perhaps you’ve been trying different things in the past, you have been investing in online courses, group coaching programs, downloaded an endless amount of freebies and yet your are missing this 1:1 customized and tailored approach for your specific unique situation.


You know you need a kick-ass, empowering, powerful and super nourishing honest coach to ACTIVATE your next level self.

Your 1:1 uplevel to doing things your way 


As my 1:1 client, you are my PRIORITY!


I am very careful with whom I work with for this intimidating experience because I am solely working with people who are ready to kickass and who are ready to make the necessary changes to uplevel their business and life.


In this 1:1 experience, I will be your greatest cheerleader, soundboard to bounce ideas off, guide, helper and supporter in any way that I can.


But I will also challenge you to do things outside of your comfort zone in order to accomplish your goals and vision. I will definitely call you out on your bullshit and give you honest and truthful feedback for you to notice what’s currently holding you back!

Yet - I will also create a safe and empowering environment for you to step into your next level self and access your fullest potential to run your business and life your own way.

I will charge you with positive energy and the confidence I see in you for you to take the necessary bold actions to move forward.


The 1:1 process is completely tailored to your specific situation. There is no cookie-cutter approach or blueprint I have you go through week by week.


Apply for a profound 1:1 uplevel

In 2022, I have a maximum capacity of 3 individual clients per month. If you truly are committed to creating a sustainable, fulfilling, enjoyable business for yourself by doing it YOUR way and are ready to make the necessary changes, schedule a discovery call with me.


In this discovery call, we will look at your current struggles and challenges to figure out how I can help you best. If I see that I can support you and if you and I feel like we are a great match, I will offer a tailored 1:1 package for you based on what you have shared with me.

Who is 1:1 Coaching for?

A 1:1 program with me is for you if:

  • You are a service based business owner with inconsistent (or even consistent) clients and income coming in per month but you realized you do not quite enjoy how you run your business

  • You know you have been staying in your head for way too long already and you are ready to get out of this stuckness. You KNOW you’re not really going to get there all by yourself

  • You know you'd massively benefit from someone like me taking an external look at your business life, and supporting you to re-structure things and figure out your own unique way of running a business 

  • You’re ready to take action, the kind of action that is outside of your comfort zone and uplevel your life big time.

  • You’re looking for a powerful coach who will give you honest & truthful feedback, who will challenge yet massively empower you to get outside of your comfort zone.

  • You don’t want to sit around waiting for things to get better. You want to take full ownership and do the work NOW.

Tereza - Picture 19.04.2021.jpg

Tereza Marreiros

Virtual Assistant

Chrisi has a great way of making you feel at ease in any session. I have had a 1:1 session and attended one of her workshops and the standard is super high and consistent throughout. She really knows the right questions to ask to push you to dig deeper. She gets you to find ways to take action on your goals and greater life vision right away. I always come away from a session with Chrisi feeling inspired and motivated to step into my next level self.


Alexandra Oliver


I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Chrisi and was surprised at how much of a difference even one session can make! As someone who has had a lot of therapy previously I was unsure about whether I would get anything new out of the session but boy was I wrong! Chrisi instantly made me feel safe, comfortable and at ease and helped me realise things that were holding me back in a way that made me feel empowered and in control.

What other people say


In an initial 4-month 1:1 program

with me, you’ll get:

1) Next Level Business Coaching + Mentoring

  • 12 1h Zoom video coaching calls per month 1:1 with me

  • Voxer access Mon - Fr

  • Weekly accountability and progress check through Voxer

  • Review and feedback on any business assets you would like my eyes on 

  • Lifetime access to all your digital assets


2) We will cover the following areas based on your needs:

  • Who you are apart from conditioning, society and rules; showing up as your authentic self

  • What are you here to do? (your unique direction, + auditing your current situation)

  • Running biz your own way (finding and experimenting with strategies that fit you and your life

  • Working smarter not harder (your unique energy flows, mindset, etc.)

1 (2).png

Sabine Sorendo

IG Growth Mentor

Chrisi really ensured that I'm heard and asked the right questions at the right time. She tied the answers together like a wizard and even made me cry (with a good feeling in the gut) in the middle of the session! She's a great listener and always makes sure the conversation is about you. Couldn't wait until the end of the session! Not because it was awful but because I felt so inspired and with so much clarity that I just wanted to jump straight into taking those actionable steps we talked about. I felt like there's a clear path and I'm more confident in my offers and target audience's pain points.

165594328_117435137083990_8190867794908535529_n (4).png

Ioana Bacanu


I loved Christine's capacity to mirror and hold space for me to find my a-ha moment, my clarity, and my action plan. It is not often that I get someone to mirror back so skillfully what I need to see to move forward. It has honestly been so refreshing. I now know what my priorities are and what step I need to take next. I now have more clarity and more enthusiasm about my work. I know that I have what it takes to push through these obstacles, that they are temporary, and that everything I ever wanted is on the other side of these roadblocks.

What other people say



How do I know if I’m at the right stage for a 1:1 program with you?

Please check out the ‘Who this is for part’ and/or you can also fill in the application and schedule a call to see if we are a good fit. Based on what you will tell me about your current situation and goals I will be able to tell you if this would be the right next step for you or not. If not I will refer you to other professionals in my network that would be a match for you.

What is the commitment required for this 1:1 program?

The required commitment is that you show up and do the work. :) We can create the perfect strategies and plans for you but if you are not taking action you will not reap the benefits and create the results. This means: The more committed you are, and mostly the more willing you are to take action and implement what we come up in the session, the more epic results you'll create for yourself.

What is the guarantee regarding results?

As I mentioned above it really depends on how you show up for yourself! If you show up fully to this program, squeeze everything you can out of it by taking the action, doing the homework, asking lots of relevant questions and letting me know whenever you are experiencing mindset blocks so that I can coach you right through it, it will be nearly impossible for you not to see any results after this 4 months experience.

What is the investment like?

In full: € 3.200,00 (excl. VAT)

monthly payment plan: € 800,00/month for 4 months (excl. VAT)


Julia Nenova

Virtual Assistant

We set very clear deadlines for some important tasks I wanted to accomplish and worked on my mental blocks so I can actually sit and do the work. Since our coaching session, I have had a much better structured day, I follow better my schedule and I am very happy with my results. I absolutely recommend Christine to anybody who has some sort of struggle with their business or if you just want to put more clarity on your "why".

Image from iOS (5) (1).jpg

Marica Bazzanella

Brand & Web Designer

Chrissi is such a gem, I love her approach and enthusiasm! What she talks about and how she explains it makes the whole process so much enjoyable and tangible. After a workshop with her, I feel more motivated in pursuing my goals and I feel like I have more clarity on what my next steps will be. And this is just after 1 workshop! So, to anyone who is still in doubt if signing up to one of her programs or not: do it, you will not regret it!

What other people say

I know you might be thinking...

That sounds amazing, but I think I can do it alone...

Yes, for sure! I 100% agree with you, you can do it all alone, but how far has that gotten you so far? Of course, you can invest more time/nerves and money to learn everything yourself, fight through tough times alone, etc. but if you invest in this 1:1 you are also investing in a Fasttrack! You will have me by your side and can tap into my knowledge that I have accumulated over the past two years. I will celebrate wins with you, hold you accountable, call you out on your bullshit and identify mindset blocks BEFORE it keeps you stuck for weeks even months. I will function as a mirror & ask the right questions for you to see what's actually going on in your head and encourage you to really go deep to discover the right answers for you. 

So yes, you can do it alone, but do you really WANT to do it alone?

I do not have the money to invest in a 1:1 Coach right now...

I TOTALLY GET IT! Like seriously, I've invested in so many courses, group coaching programs, coaches already - I know what it feels like....but here is the thing: You are reading this sales page for a reason, you know something needs to change. Are you willing to continue spending your time and energy with your current results or do you belief that if you took this big step and invested your money that you would save time and energy and finally uplevel your business knowing exactly where you are going and how you will do it YOUR way?

Remember that this is an investment in yourself, you are not throwing money out of the window that you will never see again! In this 1:1 process we actively work on getting you fast results and you will make this money back (+ even more than that) in no time once you implement what we come up in the coaching sessions :)

If you keep doing what you have been doing so far you will stay at the exact same place if you do not change something, and you know that. So think about this: Where could you be/What could you have achieved in 6 months if you DO invest in this?


Also, I started my business whilst I was still studying and by no means did I have tons of money to invest....yet I have invest over 10K already in my self- and career development and it was always worth it, I always got something out of it. I invested this money because I didn't let myself stop from a high ticket pricing, getting stuck in the 'I don't have money' story instead I focused on this question: Okay, what can I do to afford this? What can I do to earn/collect/find additional money to be able to afford this?


I am not ready yet, but maybe in a couple of months...

As a coach/expert/someone who wants the best for you it’s my job to challenge you so if you don't mind I' going to challenge you right now:
What are you waiting for? What would be different next time?​

Is this something you are willing to wait on or is this something you know you need to do now?


When you were reading this sales page and something inside of you knows that this is perfect for what you need but there is also some doubts so you are saying you are willing to wait until next time it means that you’re saying you are happy with where you are at now? Is that true?

About Chrisi


I started my first business as a Virtual Assistant when I was 22. Since then I tried out many different services such as Social Media Management, Podcast Management, Digital Business Management, etc. I saw the behind-the-scenes of many different businesses from solopreneurs over small to bigger remote teams and learned very quickly what it takes to run an online business.


With this experience and knowledge I honestly thought I would make 6 figures in 6 months once I pivoted to business coaching. I was part of three different group coaching programs and after 6 months of hustling and implementing every single strategy I had to realize that none of it worked for me. 


It felt icky, unaligned and frustrating .. in short: awful. I didn’t start my business to feel this awful so I decided to start running my business my own way without looking left or right for advice. I looked deeper into who I truly am apart from rules and conditioning (including human design, astrology, enneagram, etc.), how I work best (with my body not against it) and what my overall mission and vision for my business is. Since then I have never fallen for any more of the ‘frameworks’ and ‘blueprints’ to success that other people try to sell, because I know there is no one size fits all. 


I am energetically aligned with what I am here to do and I am unapologetically doing business my own way based on my personality, vision and unique energy flow. I attract clients that resonate with exactly this and I have never felt happier and more grounded in my business. Now I am here to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

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