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How To Create Your Life & Biz Vision


or: how to figure out what you want ;)

Hellou Hellou!

I'm so happy you are here :) I'm very excited that you wanna look at your life & biz vision! It is one of the most important things to know, cause how do you wanna set goals if you don't know where you are going, right? 

So you are definitely in the right place if you are:

- lacking the clarity on your biz & life direction

- have a vision or maybe even a vision board but you haven't look at it/checked back in with it for months...years.......

- have a vision but you don't know how to make it actionable

Here is how you get the most out of this:

1) Watch the Masterclass

2) In the Masterclass I'll tell you when to pause it, please actually do so, because at this point it is time to listen to the meditation that you will find down below and/or sit down with your journaling prompts and journal about them :)

- DO NOT SKIP THIS, it's the most important part

3) Resume the Masterclass and learn how to craft a vision board and make it actionable 

I am sooooo excited for you!! So let's get started! <3 


1. Create Your Actionable Life Vision Masterclass

In the video, I mention that there are three reasons, why people think they do not know what they want, but then I only explained two (haha..oh well I'm only human :D)

So here are the three reasons:

1) You don't take the time to actually sit down and ask yourself what you would do if EVERYTHING & ANYTHING was possible

2) You do not allow yourself to dream, because it is 'just not possible/feasible for you. So you might even think about it, but then stop yourself immediately when you feel like your dreams/goals are too far out of reach or just not 'possible' for you to achieve

3) You take the time, you allow yourself to dream but then stupid mindset things come in like: 'Oh no I could never do that, 'I'm not that kind of person', 'I can't have financial freedom' etc.... and you end up never taking any action!


2. Future Self Meditation

Future Self Visualization
00:00 / 07:18

3. Vision Journaling Prompts

Copy of Copy of Copy of Course Mockup Templates (1).png

Do you need more 1:1 guidance on how to find your business direction & strategy that is unique to you?

In my 4 month 1:1 coaching program, I will help you ditch online business rules and do business YOUR way!

What does it even mean to do biz your way?

  1. You 100% trust in yourself (knowing who you are and what you are here to do)

  2. You know your unique direction and vision (what you are here to do)

  3. You know how you work best (your unique energy flow and blueprint of how you are designed to work)

  4. You know the biz strategies that fit your personal plan of 1) – 3)



Working with me 1:1 will set you up for a deep, challenging and powerful business & life uplevel.

This is for the service-based business owner who is done with the overwhelm and all the cookie cutter '6 figures in 6 months' business advice on Instagram and is ready to start looking within to find their own direction & strategy! 


​This is for business owners that know they'd massively benefit from someone like me taking an external look at your business life, and supporting you to re-structure things and figure out your own unique way of running a business with you.

Send me a DM on Instagram and
let me know your biggest takeaway!

Send me a DM on Instagram @christineofner letting me know your biggest takeaway or ‘aha’ moment from the free bundle. I’d love to hear your win and share with my community! 

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